About Avanoo

The Avanoo solution was built specifically to support teams in shifting behaviors and mindsets to drive individual and organizational performance... all in just 3 minutes a day. Our mission is to help teams at organizations like Cisco, Kaiser, and NBC unlock their inner potential using a platform based on behavioral change science.

Employees can use our month-long programs with their morning coffee each day. Avanoo programming ensures that the culture, initiatives and competencies organizations care about are a part of employees’ daily lives.

Along with creating custom programs, Avanoo collaborates with New York Times bestselling authors, world-renowned speakers and trainers, TV personalities, and more to create thoughtful 3-minute-per-day training programs. Our programs have been used by tens of thousands of people to achieve peak performance in behavioral topics like leadership, management, productivity, and accountability.

We're a small, passionate team that is growing at light-speed. We foster a close-knit work-hard/play-hard atmosphere where learning, growth, and passion for helping people are common themes. Our founders Daniel and Prosper can often be found dominating the ping pong table and sharing all sorts of stories with the Avanoo team.

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